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Grow Your Online Store

with Artist & Photographer Michael M. Rogers

from the Heartland of the great Smoky Mountains in Franklin, NC.

All About Blogging - Michael M. Rogers

This blogging thing is difficult. Not for subject matter, but for the timing. How often should you post
and where to get the best results? There seems to be plenty of online info on this topic. But how
does one wade through it all to find useful nuggets that make a difference. The fine folks over at  run an annual competition for the top ten Social Media Blogs
you should be reading. I have begun deciphering  this information to find what I can use to improve
my blogging ability. Go on, read it. It really is great stuff.

The number one must do is consistency. Regularly posting about your chosen
subject, even if its just once a month, posted the same time, every month.
Well, as fast as the internet is moving once a month is not going to work for me. I need to learn
to write better and faster, that said, the second tidbit I learned was to never sacrifice quantity over
quality. I really do agree with that. And so I will use that as my excuse for not posting on a regular
basis here at the beginning of this exercise of learning to blog. I must learn to post regularly.
And I need to do it in a measurable way to keep track of any progress. For me, a newbie blogger,
I am already making progress just for getting to this point.

So the first change today is the blog title for this series of marketing blogs. My blog title of
Marketing for Artists & Photographers will now be known as (ta dah):

Grow Your Online Store - Create - Share - Excite - Engage

Through the months ahead we'll examine, (examine.. wow that's a power word) how
I end up becoming a better blogger. It seems frequency of blog posts is a debatable issue
based more on what you're attempting to accomplish. For myself and the sake of my business
my plans are ambitious. The plan, Stanley, for now is this. What I would like to do:

  1. Video Blog posted 1 time per month. Short & Concise about current activities & new products.
  2. Grow Your Online Store 1 time per month. My Social Media journey & what is working for me. 
  3. Inspiring Hikes & Waterfalls 1 time per week. My Hiking Journal for outdoor enthusiasts & vacationers.
  4. Better Landscape Photography. 1 time per month. My method & how I edit my photos.
Grow Your Online Store. With the mountain of info available this should not be a problem.
Inspiring Hikes. With 4 decades of experience, over a quarter million photos & 17 terabytes of video
with information about Western NC, Northern GA, Upper SC & Eastern TN, I will never be able
to post it all. Still, there are incredible places to share with you. It will be a fun journey, pun intended.

Oh my, what could I possibly be thinking? Well... why not give it a go. Besides all this, in the future
I want to add to my watercolor painting tutorials with how to videos.

Check out my Social Media Blogs so far and please comment.
Click the link below:

Grow Your Online Store

    I must get busy now, I must get busy now, I must get....

    Later, Michael