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Michael M. Rogers Fine Art

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My conclusion after the last  8 months of research indicates that social media is 
once again in a state of upheaval. What once was is no more. Of course, who knows,
it seems to be a shell game. Wonderful tools are created and then out of the 
blue the rules are changed overnight to force us all to chase another rumour.
It is tiring, but we live in an exciting time. Never before have creatives had such 
power to reach a larger audience. The next big thing, at least for now , seems to
be to create compelling interesting content that your customers are looking for.
Of course it helps if you know what they are looking for as it pertains to your creativity.
Being an artist and photographer my entire career, my choices to Share the Beauty  for
my multiple blogs are quite obvious.


Having said that, if you and I have similar interests, you will no doubt find
something of value as I post twice a week on my multiple blogs:

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