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Michael M. Rogers Fine Art & Share the Beauty

from the Heartland of the Great Smoky Mountains

in Franklin, NC.

Time management. That is something I struggle with everyday.
I found a great list of 10 things to help with your personal time management.
Read it here:

Getting Personal Stuff Done

I already get up early. I get more done before 9 AM than some do in a day. I also
like to paint in the mornings. I like to hike in the mornings & take photos. And now I'm
learning to blog in the mornings. This bogging thing is more difficult than I first thought.
Not because I don't have anything to say or anything to blog about.
My marketing blogging plan includes my lifelong interests:
  • How I set up, maintain & promote my online store
  • Inspirational hiking destinations
  • Taking better photos & how to manipulate them with editing software
  • Watercolor painting tutorials
  • My life as a artist & how to be inspired & stay focused
  • New product releases

Subject matter is not a problem. I just need to learn how to target my specific audience.
The challenge is how to create this massive amount of data & when & where to share it.

My action plan:

  1. Create multiple blogs ahead of time when my schedule allows
  2. Post these blogs in a consistent time frame
  3. Determine best places for specific blog subjects
  4. Find more places to post my blogs

My blogs are really about my life and my work. Because of this I need to think in terms
of my audience. 

  1. Art lovers of nostalgia, realism & landscapes of the Appalachian Mountains
  2. Outdoor enthusiasts - hikers, photographers, or just those who picnic
  3. Photographers who want to be better
  4. Artists who would like to observe my method of creating art or be inspired 

Like I said before, this blog is as much for me as anyone. It is a new way of thinking.
I think I may have just narrowed down my target audience.

Art lovers, hikers, tourists to the mountains, home decor & those seeking inspiration.

Here is one of my new ideas from my product line called ©PosiTive Thinkings.

Appalachian Wisdom ©Michael M. Rogers Fine Art

Printed on canvas & mounted to black foamcore. Archival coating & ready to hang
on your wall with included command strips or set on desk with included fold-out
wing. Priced at $25 plus shipping. Printed on archival paper for $15. plus shipping.

Now where can I post this. Well....
OK .......I joined another social site. I joined Tumblr.

When will I ever have time to take advantage of all this. I'll be getting up earlier I guess.

Great fun though. Eventually, I will be more efficient.
I keep laying the ground work for my marketing plan. This is gonna be fun.
Please note that my previous post will be updated with additional information as I make 

More later, I must go write a blog.