Secret Falls May 24, 2015 07:00 86 Comments


More and more folks are finding waterfalls they never knew existed because of the internet.
Myself included. If you enjoy remote waterfalls you will not be disappointed by this gem of 
Macon County, North Carolina. My new favorite. I'll be back!

Spectacular in every sense of the word. My photos do not begin do this waterfall justice.
Great place to picnic, wade or relax in the sun.  However, this is a popular place on sunny
days and weekends. You will not be alone. Hike at your own risk, 

May 23rd. Mountain Laurel at peak bloom. And yes, that is the moon in the sky.
It was really there. Really. OK, I did make it a bit bigger so you could see it. But it was there.

I will be painting today, May 24, from 1-5 PM at Crystal Falls Specialty Shops. Stop by.