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Jones Creek Cascades Macon County NC March 26, 2015 09:00

Journey With Me

Another Waterfall Hiking Adventure
with Artist/Photographer Michael M. Rogers

From the forth-coming Nature DVD,
"Favorite Appalachian Waterfall Hikes" Volume 3


Jones Creek Upper Cascades - March 21

One of my top favorite spots in Macon County, Jones Creek is one of the only places
near Franklin, NC that boasts moss-covered medium sized boulders that resemble 
those found in streams in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Also, the fact that 
Forest Service Rd.# 763 is almost always open and well maintained allows fairly
easy access. The 1.3 mile gravel road dead-ends at a turnaround beside the creek.
There is a picnic table and room for 3 or 4 vehicles. After parking, you can stroll alongside
a half-mile of rushing water, multiple cascades and those lovely moss-covered rocks. 
(Be aware that if "Trucks Entering Highway" signs are up, logging may be in
progress on the left side of Forest Service Rd.#763.)


From the intersection of 44I Bus. & Hwy. 64 near Franklin, NC, travel west on the
64 By-Pass 6 miles and turn left onto Old Murphy Rd. SR.#1448. Travel 1.6 miles &
turn left onto North Jones Creek Rd. SR.#1128. Travel 1.9 miles & turn right onto
Jones Creek Rd. SR.#1130. In 0.2 miles Allison Watts SR.#1131 heads right.
Continue straight on Jones Creek Rd. for an additional 1 mile to concrete bridge.
Road turns to gravel and becomes FS Rd.# 763. Travel 1.3 miles to gated road.
Park here allowing space for others to turn around.  

Any season is the right time to visit Jones Creek. If you can get there in Winter after a 
snowfall it is magical and really really cold. 

Spring from early April through May is a never ending display of wildflowers. Usually
there is more water flowing from Spring rains making for good photo opportunities.

White Trillium flourish in abundance at Jones Creek in early April.

Looking back down old logging road towards the parking area and turnaround. Jones Creek
is on the left in this photo. Hiking up this road the creek would be on your right.

The lush deep green of Summer possesses it's own mystique. Great place for a picnic or
family photos.

Following the devastating flooding from Hurricanes Francis and Ivan in September of
2004, Jones creek was forever changed. Moss-covered boulders were stripped bare and
re-arranged creating new flow patterns. The old cascades disappeared and new ones were
formed. In reality, this has been going on for thousands of years. Boulders from the south-
eastern slopes of Albert Mountain tumble down into the valley and into Jones creek. It is
always changing and always will. You must visit often to capture the ever changing stream-
scape.  Moss has reappeared on the boulders and is beginning to look lush again.

This photograph is available printed on canvas in various sizes.


Jones Creek Upper Cascades

When the leaves change in Autumn it confirms my reason for living in Franklin, NC.
I was born here. I have never entertained the thought of living anywhere else. With this kind
of inspiration down every country road in the county, what would be the point of leaving my 
home? I hike trails in neighboring states and have found wondrous locations to share
with you, but Franklin is my Home Sweet Mountain Home!

Jones Creek has been the subject of several of my watercolor paintings.


Below are 2 examples of Photosynth. A great free program, though a bit fiddly to use.
Developed by Microsoft Live Labs & the University of Washington, the software
analyzes digital photos and can create a three-dimensional model.

jones creek cascade by sharethebeauty on photosynth

This is a Photosynth Panoramic of cascades on Jones Creek about mid-way up from
parking area. Enlarge to full screen & use your mouse to roll-scroll, zoom in & pan image.

jones creek stroll by sharethebeauty on photosynth

This is an example of a Photosynth Walkthrough. This was made from 40 DSLR
still photographs, not video. Don't know how it works. Don't care. Enjoy this and
make your own photosynths. It really is an incredible effect.


Conclusion: Jones Creek. Easy access. Beautiful any time. Don't miss this.


Simply follow Jones Creek upstream by the old logging road to reach the upper cascades.
Map incorrectly says James Creek. 

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