Brasstown Sluice Parallax Viewport

 Brasstown Falls Parallax Viewport - Scroll or Tap Image for Effect

 This is my first test of a jQuery javascript plugin using a Parallax Viewport. It should work on most
 recent browsers. It does work on kindle devices, but you can only tap the image to make the layers
 change position. On desktop computers the effect is much more pronounced as your mouse
 movements quickly re-position the 5 different layers. Some older browers and certain mobile devices
 are not supported. More layers are possible, however, this will affect download time.

 Despite the limitations of this plugin not working for some viewers, quite frankly, I am intrigued by
 the creative possibilities.

 These photos are featured in my first waterfall nature DVD.
 "Favorite Appalalchian Waterfall Hikes" Volume One
 This is Brasstown Falls Sluice in Oconee County, SC.


 I'm rarely satisfied, constantly searching for ways to Share the Beauty of my Mountain Home.
 I hope you decide to join me on this journey.

 Michael M. Rogers